About Artist Keith Clementson

Although I've have been commissioned by numerous corporations and other businesses, charities and civic groups for a diverse range of site-specific artwork, and even though a number of my unconventional outdoor exhibits have been featured in national and local media, including The Wall Street Journal, The Dallas Morning News, The Houston Chronicle, The San Antonio Light, Texas Monthly Magazine, and many other publications, and despite my owning and operating a studio gallery, Y Gallery, in Dallas in the '90's, the culmination of my life's work and experience is the exhibit on this site titled "Unstinking The World Of Peter Autoblunder", my magnum opus. Born in Corpus Christi, I've lived in Texas all of my 59 years -- the past 15 in Denton with my amazing wife, Cassandra. Rescuing dogs together is our other life passion.

American contemporary artist Keith Clementson from Denton, Texas.